We're looking for our next generation of Team Members! 

All Hands on Deck!

It takes a team to ensure that Noël New York is "Showroom Ready" at all times!

Our intimate staff understands that teamwork makes the dream work. With an 'all hands on deck' approach as standard, know that your skill set and strengths will be welcomed in an environment of support.

Commitment to Growth

How can you get better unless you continually seek out improvement? We're committed to being the best we can be for both our clients and ourselves. 

Regular internal assessments, goal tracking, educational training, and hands-on learning are how we go about demonstrating our commitment...and our clients love us for it!

Fun & Professional Environment

Is it too cliched to say "work hard, play hard"? At Noël New York we take a lot of pride in providing outstanding, professional service to our clients, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun doing it!

From sharing jokes with clients to team outings, our ability to combine work and play results in an magnetic and engaging culture throughout the salon, without sacrificing service.

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