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When You Love What You Do, You’ll Never Work A Day in Your Life

Embodying Noël’s vision, we believe in and encourage our team to adopt a healthy Work Life Balance and embrace the habit of “going the extra mile” for both each other and our clients. Equipped with the technical knowledge and experience to teach others through a proven track record, Noël New York creates a path for Team Members to grow and achieve their career goals.

who We are

We’re Team NNY; we love what we do! We’re focused on healthy hair and obsessed with curating the perfect hair care regimen, style, and personal experience for each client in our diverse professional network.


We live in the details. For our clients that means customizing a hair plan, for us that means planning our careers by setting goals and celebrating both our small and big achievements.

Solution-oriented thinking

We work as a team and pay attention to the things that make the team work best. If we see something that can make us even better, we speak up with a solution or search until we have one.

Quality mentality, approachable personality

We hold ourselves to a high standard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Balancing our days with humor is a must.

Commitment to lifelong learning & health

Wednesdays are for classes to sharpen our minds, bodies, and our pockets! We’re committed to personal and professional growth and we learn something new everyday.