Five Products I'm Thankful For

As Thanksgiving comes around I can't help but be grateful for the products that have gotten me through the year! If you know me, you know that changing up my hair frequently is my M.O. so here are my top five products I'm thankful were there to get me through it all!

1. Framesi Decolor Diamond B Powder Bleach

This lightener has definitely gotten me through more than one color change in the best way possible! Decolor Diamond B lifts evenly to even the highest levels without damaging the hair. Its super efficient at getting the blondest blonde without all that ugly unevenness typical of many bleaches. 

2. Pravana Vivids

Pravana makes the best hair color line, hands down! This line has the best pigments and variety in color by far; the color lasts longer without fading (good for all my people who wash their hair every day). Add in the fact that its extremely versatile and easy to mix shades, and its definitely worth the higher price point. 

3. L'Anza Healing Oil Shampoo & L'Anza Healing Oil Conditioner

Okay, so technically this is two products, but it had to be on the list because this is the best shampoo-conditioner duo ever! After only a few washes, the reparative effects are noticeable. This combo leaves your hair feeling  strong, but silky and soft at the same time. Don't let the name fool you, its definitely not oily. And its good for all hair types!

4. L'Anza Healing Style Dry Texture Spray

This spray has revolutionized by styling days. L'Anza Dry Texture spray is like a dry shampoo, but spray it onto the root and you magically enhance your texture and thickness. This product is a lifesaver for a girl like me that is always trying to add more volume to my hair. The downside to this spray is that it doesn't offer a hold, but the added texture helps offset that so you don't even need hairspray.

5. Jonathan's Green Rootine Pure Paste

Any one with a short cut knows that styling aids are sent from the gods. Green Rootine is the perfect pomade for giving your hair the oompf you are looking for. Whether you want to rock your 'do spiky, slicked back, or in a classy pompadour, this product gives a firm hold without being hard, sticky, or oily. Bonus, it has an amazing smell and its organic!

What are your favorite products? Let me know in the comments!